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Graduate Students

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Current Graduate Students

Larry Funke

Christopher Maurice

Kevin O'Brien


PhD Students

Notre Dame

Travis Brown, 2015
  Dissertation: "Reaction Wheel Actuation for Stabilization and Efficiency Improvement in Planar Bipeds"
  First job: NASA-JPL

Michael Kennedy, 2014
  Dissertation: "Enhanced Biofeedback in Balance Rehabilitation of Neurotrauma Patients Using Inexpensive Gaming Peripherals"
  First job: Veterans Affairs

Jose Lugo, 2014
  Dissertation: "Integrating Product Form Preference into Engineering Design"
  First job: The University of Puerto Rico Mayaguez

Anne Martin, 2014
  Dissertation: "Predictive Modeling of Healthy and Amputee Walking using a Simple Planar Model"
  First job: Postdoc with Robert Gregg, University of Texas at Dallas

Kai Zhao, 2014
  Dissertation: "Kinematic Synthesis of Planar Shape-Changing Mechanisms"
  First job:

David C. Post, 2014
  Dissertation: "Robustness and Efficiency of Planar Biped Walking Robots"
  First job: Boeing Phantom Works

Punit Bandi, 2012, co-advised by Andres Tovar
  Dissertation: "Design of Crashworthy Structures with Controlled Behavior in HCA Framework"
  First job: AutoLiv

Ohio State

Satyajit Ambike, 2012
  Dissertation: "Characteristics of Spatial Human Arm Motion and the Kinematic Trajectory Tracking of Similar Serial Chains"
  First Job: Postdoc with V. Zatsiorsky & M. Latash, Penn State

Vivek Yadav, 2010
  Dissertation: "Validation of a Time-Scaling-Based Model for Representation of Dynamics in Humans and its Application in Rehabilitation"
  First job: Postdoc with R. Sainburg, Penn State

Leo Rusli, 2008, co-advised by. A. Luscher
  Dissertation: "Design and Analysis of Mechanical Assembly via Kinematic Screw Theory"
  First job: Postdoc with A. Luscher, OSU

Hong Zou, 2007
  Dissertation: "Analysis and Modeling of the Biomechanics of Brain Injury under Impact"
  First job: Engineered Arresting Systems Corp.

MS (thesis) Students

Notre Dame

Andrew Balhoff, 2012
  First job: Mina Group

Ohio State

Matt Hester, 2009
  First job: Moog

Brian Knox, 2008
  First job: Blue Origin

Ben McCandless, 2008
  First job: Blue Belt Technologies

Donnell Crear, 2007
  First job: General Electric Global Research

Justin Persinger, 2007
  First job: Babcock and Wilcox

Satyajit Ambike, 2006
  Graduated to: OSU Ph.D. program

Yen-Shiang Chen, 2006

Brian Korte, 2006
  First job: Schlumberger

Ryan Bockbrader, co-advised by Eric Westervelt, 2005
  First job: Palmer Associates

Tiffany (Bunting) Parker, co-advised by Eric Westervelt, 2005
  First job: Rockwell Automation

Joe Remic, 2005
  First job: Westinghouse

University of Iowa

Josh Stephens, 2004
  First job: John Deere

Hong Zou, 2003
  Graduated to: OSU Ph.D. program

MS (non-thesis) Students

Ohio State

Marc Meckler, 2008

Brian Sikorski, 2008
  First job: Battelle

Abhi Shetti, 2007

Brad Bailey, 2006
  First job: Caterpillar

ESTEEM Students (Notre Dame)

Matt Keillor, 2011

Maura Galbraith, 2010

Visiting Graduate Students

Jozsef Veres, 2010
    Visiting graduate student from the Pazmany University in Budapest, Hungary.