Professor Jim Schmiedeler

Laboratory Resources

Dexterous Manipulator (mfd. 1998)

The Dexterous Manipulator is an experimental robot that uses redundant degrees of freedom to allow a singularity-free workspace. The Dexterous Manipulator was designed and built by Jared M Wiitala under the direction of Michael Stanisic.

Kawasaki Js-5 (mfd. 1998)

The Kawasaki Js-5 is a heavy duty industrial robot, designed for manipulating light loads at high speeds across a large workspace. It has a total of 6 axes for full position and orientation control. It is controlled by heavy duty, 3-phase A/C servo motors. This robot, along with the PUMA 260, is mainly used to teach undergraduate students about motion planning and control for industrial manipulators.

Cooperative Task Robots (mfd. 1999-2000)

The cooperative task robots are a pair of RX60 CR robots made by Stäubli (corporate successor to Unimation). The CR line of robots was intended to operate in clean rooms, transferring silicon wafers between fabrication machines. These robots were used in experiments involving cooperation between robots but are not currently in use.

Unimate PUMA 260 (mfd. circa 1980)

PUMA stands for Programmable Universal Machine for Assembly and was a name given to a series of robots manufactured by Unimation, the world's first robotics company. The PUMA 260 has a total of 6 axes and uses single phase A/C power. This robot, along with the Kawasaki Js-5, is used by undergraduates as they learn about motion planning and control for industrial manipulators.

XY Table

The XY Table has been used for the study of how the human brain controls upper-limb movement during reaching tasks.

Flock of Birds Motion Capture System

The Flock of Birds system uses magnetic fields to track the motion of up to 7 sensors. This system has been used for tracking human joint trajectories for natural reaching movements.